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Want the Best Landscape Mulch or #1 Safest Playground Fall Safety Surfacing?

That's right! We make separate products designed specifically for landscaping & playgrounds, unlike other recycled rubber mulch manufacturers. Our PermaLife products are "best-in-class", a much higher quality than our competitors & proven to be the best landscaping mulch & #1 safest playground fall zone surfacing in the world! All other recycled rubber mulches are inferior & can't even come close to our superior features and benefits.

Playground & Landscape Mulch Calculator Simply click on the product you'd like more info about, or visit our FAQs to learn what makes each of our recycled rubber mulch products unique, and why no other recycled rubber mulch comes close to our quality!

PermaLife Landscape Mulch PermaLife SoftStuff/Pour&Play
PermaLife Landscape Mulch   PermaLife SoftStuff/Pour&Play
  • Best Long-Term Beauty & Performance
  • Leaf Blowers Don't Affect Our Larger Pieces
  • Stays Put in Heavy Wind & Rain, on Slopes
  • Safer for Sensitive Plant & Tree Roots
  • Can't Absorb Moisture & Chemicals
  • Stop Periodic Re-Mulching Costs & Hassles
  • Won't Attract Termites, Animals & Pests
  • Microban© Color Coating 8-Year Protection
  • Save Money on the Longest Lasting Mulch
  • 50 lb. Bags for Easily Controlled Application
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Tire Rubber
  • #1 Safest Playground Fall Safety Surface!
  • 25-Year Safety Warranty & Best Safety
  • Wind & Rain Won't Blow or Wash It Out
  • Doesn't Attract Termites, Animals & Pests
  • 100% Wire Free & No Splinters = No Cuts!
  • Reduced Choke Hazards & Less "Kick-Out"
  • Microban© Color Coating 8-Year Protection
  • Less Maintenance & No Ongoing Re-Topping
  • ADA Compliant (the First in CA!)
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Recycled Tire Rubber
  • Tested & Proven Safe if Eaten by Kids/Pets

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to Our Longest-Lasting & #1 Safest Rubber Mulch in the World!

Do you want Rubber Mulch with the longest-lasting color-coating?
Independent testing performed by the NFL proved the next closest rubber mulch manufacturer's color-coated product lost its color in only 25 days in the lab.

The two paint companies that supply all of North America's rubber mulch manufacturers use organic or mineral-based pigments. When the organic paint coatings get exposed to heat, air & moisture, microbes develop that can eat it away, in the form of mold, mildew, fungus or bacteria. By adding Microban antimicrobial protection to our color-coating, that lasts for the life of the product, microbes cannot affect our color-coating like it does for other products.

Did You Know...?
  • PermaLife Pays For Itself Within 2-3 Years Over Other Competing Products?
    The safety of other playground surfacing & landscaping mulch products are questionable, requiring more frequent maintenance to maintain proper safety & effectiveness, and after factoring in the costs of material, delivery & installation ...our PermaLife products actually SAVE you time & money, performing great for many years!

PermaLife SportsFill™ for Synthetic Turf

SportsFill PermaLife SportsFill™ with Microban® for synthetic turf is so effective, it's used in 30 out of the 32 US professional football fields with artificial turf. PermaLife SportsFill™ provides safety by cushioning impact, and kills potentially harmful microbes and bacteria in sports fields for football, baseball and soccer. It was selected to deal with staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, and keeping the playing fields up to 30 degress cooler in the summer sun.

Whether it's a sports field at a professional venue or your local school, there's no better choice than PermaLife SportsFill™. When the NFL independently tested every rubber mulch manufacturer's colored granulated rubber in-fill product for color stability, the next closest competitor to PermaLife SportsFill™ lost its color in only 25 days in the lab. That's when the NFL decided to replace the 350,000 to 380,000 lbs. of black in-fill installed in each of 26 more synthetic turf fields with PermaLife SportsFill™, which is in over 93% of the NFL synthetic turf fields.

This is also why the top manufacturers and installers of over 90% of the synthetic turf fields in North America use PermaLife SportsFill™. Color stability that really lasts. Not empty claims that go beyond what the 8-years the two paint companies that supply all North American rubber mulch manufacturers warranty, like some competitors do.

There's nothing else that matches the ARR PermaLife product quality available from EcoGreen and

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SoftStuff is the Safest!